Standard SSL Security Certificate (1-Site)


A SSL certificate is a must have for any client-facing website, it goes without saying you can only trust communications from a client’s browser to your server if you have encypted packets.

This SSL certificate protects emails webchats support tickets – and all other methods of website communications, and it offers the latest 2048-bit encyption meaning it is essentially unhackable even by a super computer! This certificate, unlike some free ones is yours, it is unshared with other businesses, and you can download your own trust seal so that when your client clicks on the seal icon they will be able to see who issuedyour SSL certificate and other relevant trust information.

Your site will be accessible by https:// rather than http:// and a padlock icon will appear in your client’s browser tab (or address bar).

Protect one site.

  • Domain validy check
  • SHA2 & 2048 bit level encryption technology.
  • Can help boost your search engine rankings
  • Issued in just a few minutes – no waiting, buy and secure in minutes
  • Displays HTTPS:// (Your demain) & browser padlock
  • Free embed your certificates Security trust seal on your website
  • Supports unlimited website servers
  • Free to re-issues anytime and as many times as you need to
  • Warranty of $100,000 (USD)
$67.99 / per year
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