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Note the 100% discount offer is for customers who use my hosting at hiyahosting.com


Bespoke websites made for all business models – cleaners, tradespersons (electricians/plumbers/window cleaners),gardeners,ecommerce retail shops,law,health(doctors/spas/salons),hairdressers, teachers,gyms,ngos,travel agencies,property sales etc…

My site building service excludes hosting and domain (your website will first be built on a temporary URL, and when you are happy with your new website you can order your domain and hosting at my hosting site hiyahosting.com, at my standard hosting/domain prices, i will then transfer your completed site to your chosen domain and you can access your hosting account to create your professional email addresses etc).


“Website Design” can mean different things to different people, my use of the phrase means using a beautiful third party licensed template and necessary professional web elements to create your original website with content which you will supply to me use an innovative ‘on the web page’ commenting system.


Instructions Following Your Order


After ordering please read my ebook (available as a download link on order completion page/ your sales receipt)  which explains more about my service, and you can also find useful supplementary information, including how to acquire licensed graphics including a logo, and a link to a preliminary form for you to complete to specify your website needs.



Terms For Site Building



(These terms are additional to Hosting terms which are provided if you sign up for my hosting)



Your WordPress site will be built for you with my developer license for Elementor, if you ‘buy’ my hosting/domain you will be permitted to log on to your ‘completed site’ and use the WordPress blog posting but you will not be permitted to add new webpages/pro elements, you can always request new work to be done by me on my license (additional work incurrs a fee), or alternatively you can purchase your own license of Elementor.


The price of the ‘completed website’ excluding hosting on hiyahosting.com is £o, if you want to host your site elsewhere the cost of the site is £199. no vat.


All content you provide is your legal responsibility, do not send me any content which doesn’t belong to you or for which you have not been given licensed permission (in my website companion ebook i recommend a place to acquire logos and graphics subject to the providers own terms which is between you and the provider).


No offensive, illegal, or adult material is acceptable.


This service can be denied for any reason, no guarantee of a solution or adherence to any completion time.


My Elementor license if hosted on hiyahosting.com will be renewed each year for which the hosting is renewed (unless you decide to purchase your own Elementor license).


ATB Tony


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