Hiya Has Launched

At last!

I’ve managed to get a fully working Hiya.site

It’s taken a couple of months research and brainstorming but i’ve now come up with what i hope will become popular with people wanting to be empowered to build their own websites.

Website building used to be for coding gurus but with the right technology today anyone with half a brain can create a reall smashing site.

To get you spring-boarded on the way to being a proud webmaster, i’m hoping i can tempt you with my ‘Website Assistance Package’ – it’s absolutely free to register and by doing so you will not only be able to try out the online web builders collaboration system but you will also have all the info you needed to start (and finish) your very own website design project.

By building a website yourself you will (hopefully) have some fun, learn a few new things, impress others, and be empowered to update and keep full control over your site.

if you choose hosting from my Godaddy hosting shop i can even install Website Assistance on site as it is being built which is great for getting ideas across to your team (and/or me for support).

The good news for you is everything i do is free to my end users, i act in a free online advisory capacity in providing advice and assistance to help you build an amazing site for business or pleasure, any money i make is by referring you to products whih i support and use myself – only best products for you and most products are either free or low cost or on a special HiYa exclusive deal.

 This blog by the way has no database yet as you can see it is page-able has a site search facility, and RSS feed and all you could want from a blog but in addition, by having no database, the blog pages i create are served up to visitors faster than say a WP blog, this is why i promote this blogging system as well as WordPress (you can find out how to do it all in the Website Assistance account and you can register for free).

Yours truly Tony

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