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Hauptwerking My Atelier!

Hauptwerk enables the living room player (and seasoned performer) to have the experience of some of the finest church cathedral and theatre organs in the world.



My Atelier already has some brilliant preset sample but with Hauptwerk you can choose you favourite organs.


In the past few years many digital organ providers ar providing hauptwerk ready consoles but they are basically all the same thing, running the Hauptwerk software on a windows PC.

Over the last few years i have played around with Hauptwerk using my Atelier as the midi controller for the keyboards / and piston buttons (there are 15 on my organ which can be theoretically set up in named banks as many as i like stored to the USB registrations).

Previously i used my Atelier’s PK7a spinet bass pedals, but although 20 notes is ok for ‘home organ playing’ i decided to upgrade to a 27 note concave midi pedal board (32 notes would fit the organ stand but with 27 i can have a go at playing most classical pieces) with 2 expression pedals (one expression pedal can be used for swell the other typically for crescendo when present in the Hauptwerk organ).



Adding to my list of purchases – will be a new tiny sized PC, the spec for this is: Windows 10 16GB i7 256GB SSD andas space/weight is important it fits in the palm of the hand! 



So i have midi out from the bass pedals going via a midi merge box one line going to to the Atelier (for non Hauptwerk playing) and the other to the PC (with the midi out of the Atelier too).


For display and ease of controlling the Hauptwerk software i am using a Hannspree 15″ touch screen monitor.



Watch this space …. i hope to be adding a photo and some St Annes Mosely Church demos on the new Hauptwerk-Atelier layout as soon as i have the new computer and everything up and running.

Cheers Tony

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