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Creating My Own Website Icons From Basic Shapes

Hi Ya!

I Just had a go at using some basic shapes to replace the icons for the websites which i am selling (for free) in my online shop. The advantage of creating my own icons is that i own the copyright for them, and so i can use them as much as i like in for my websites.


It was a little suprising to find how easy it was to create a simple design in the hue/font theme of one of my websites.

My Phone Menu Icon

tony's phone icon

So I created the phone icon using a couple of rounded squares for the mouth piece a filled circle and cropped circle for the cord going into the handset. The hand grip is just another cropped circle and the two sound alert infographics are just another 4 lines. Saved in this case as a transparent gif (SVG possible too).


All in all took me only about an hour.


This one is 500px500px (the logo template size) but when saved as a vector graphic can be any size (so will reduce it down for header menu items in my websites).


So all i have to do is create a few more and swap them over, i can then offer not only my ebook ‘how to build a great site’ but if all goes to plan i will be in a position to offer the website too as my own template site with my own graphics, which might help some people who need just the website to adapt to their business requirements.

My Clock Menu Icon

tony's clock icon

Rotating and centering of shape elements is easy (and i found the zoom feature particularly helpful for precision with this). With centering (and aligning) the editor provides grid lines which come up to ensure pixel perfect positioning.

My Logo Icon

tony's logo icon

My Map Icon

tony's google map icon

The ‘winding road’ is just a cropped circle then duplicated, the copied section was then flipped vertically and connected, features like the flip and crop are very useful but would be better if they were available for all shapes.

My Leaking Pipe Icon

my leaking pipe icon

My Vacuum Cleaner Icon

tony's vacuum cleaner icon

My Window Squeugee Icon

tony's window cleaner icon

My Gift Delivery Icon

'L' Plate Icon

Scissors Icon

Watering Can Icon

Paintbrush Icon

The websites in my shop are all free, and include an ebook on how to create your own website, i grant full rights without copyright hindrance to everyone who buys my websites (they are free but you have to go through checkout). Once a website is purchased the owner can adapt it for their own use,  the only proviso is if you want the icons please keep the ‘Created At Hiya.Site’ link in the footer of the website.

Cheers Tony

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