Plumber Electrican Tradesman Site

A website for a tradesperson

This nice little website can be adapted for most trades –¬† ¬†handyman, white van man, i can do it for free (excluding my hosting which is cheap at Godaddy standard rates).

Along side all my websites i am beta testing what i think is the ideal solution for collaborating ideas with on-site commenting so you can instruct me directly on your web pages what changes you need – pretty cool!

So the procedure is you register an account on hiya where you can apply to have this site (or any in my portfolio) cloned and adapted.

I would also suggest adding an appointments booking system to this kind of site. A booking system is often overlooked by businesses, it can free up your time, instead of checking your diary every time a customer calls the whole process can be automated – there are several options included that you can find out about after joining.

Yours truly Tony

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