Free Website Including Hosting

100% Free Just Ask Nicely Lol!

It doesn’t cost me anything except my time to create a website and host it on my own hosting space, and as i am just starting i am currently finding i have some time available to devote for friends in creating the occasional website and host it free on my webspace. You won’t need to buy anything and you can instruct me on what you need directly on the web page, i don’t promise any timely delivery what i do promise is if you get in first you can get a site created and hosted according to your specifications.


To take part:

1. Your content which you provide must be legal and not offensive.
2. You must agree that this service is provided without contract, i offer no promise of completion of your project, but will do my best to accommodate your needs.
3. If your site uses substantial bandwidth you will need to migrate it to alternative hosting.
4. The service is offered on the understanding that your website cannot be updated by you while it is hosted for free on hiya webspace (this is for security reasons).
5. Your site will be hosted on (where name is of your choice).
6. You can optionally have an email address associated (which can be redirected to a free email box such as hotmail or gmail etc).
7. You need to SHARE this page on your Facebook Account and agree to me including a credit link to in the footer section of your site.

Yours truly Tony

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