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Concerning Copyright

Youtube videos copyright

There’s always the risk of upsetting someone over copyrighting issues when publishing content to the internet, hopefully if there are any disputes, the problem can always be resolved quickly by asking for any offending material to be quickly taken down.


For instance with my Youtube videos, most genres (except classical and folk) have been composed in recent memory and are almost certainly copyrighted, but this shouldn’t be a problem in practice because the Youtube platform rightly places adverts directly on  copyright claimed videos, in extreme cases they can ban anyone on a 3 strikes and your out policy.


 So far in the last 5 years that i’ve been displaying my instrument performances on Youtube i have fortunately not had any strikes put on my account.


Site content copyright

All written content placed on web pages is 100% my own work, there is no need for  plagiarism as i have lots to say, so there should be no problem there!

As to web graphics, i try to create my own but i am not proficient at freehand drawing, so icons and logos are about my limit (which are based on simple shapes and fonts which are exempt from copyright).

As for using purchased stock graphics and photos on my hiya.site and the websites in my shop, this is legally OK according to my stock providers r123photos and canva licensing terms.

There are no royalty or credits required using stock graphics on my own sites. but I would not be permitted to use my stock graphics on websites for other people. Therefore in my shop there are demo websites with stock graphics, these website can be ordered (as template sites) but the stock images for these sites are removed and replaced with my placeholder image.

Any questions?

Please contact me via my webform..


PS. Speaking of copyright

The HIYA.site brand shop is open!


So I get the royalty on any products sold with my © logo on them it doesn’t get much cheekier, love the concept lol.


Cheers Tony

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