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Cpanel Hosting Ticks All Boxes!

Cpanel has all you need to easily create and manage just about any kind of website, it comes with Softaculous 1-click installs and backups of many free apps include wordpress drupal joomla, with cpanel you can add and read your email addresses, add sub domains create databases, create staging sites and much more all in one dashboard, what's more it's incredibly cheap ...

Exclusive Offer!

cPanel hosting is also compatible with PulseCMS, so here’s a small ‘thank you discount’ for my readers who decide to buy Pulse and cPanel to host it – subscribe to receive the instant offer in your mailbox.

cPanel Starter
$2.49 / per month
cPanel Makes Hosting a Breeze, and it's very afforable.
  • Build Your Site On 1 Domain (cPanel comes with tons of apps for building sites).
  • 30 GB Web storage (which is enough for most small to medium websites)
  • Un-metered bandwidth for your peace of mind*
*We don’t place any limit on the allocation of storage or bandwidth traffic to your site. You  can use your hosting as long as it in accordance with our Web Hosting Agreement. In the unlikely case that your website traffic or storage space presents a risk to the server stability, speed or up-time of our web servers, we will send you an email notification which may require you to upgradeyour hosting, or in rare cases we may have to place a restriction on the resources that your server intensive website is using. It is extremely unusual when a website operates in violation our Web Hosting Agreement and is normally only witnessed in websites that utilise webhosting for sharing large files or web storage.
cPanel Economy
$7.99 / per month
cPanel Hosting that’s easy to use, reliable and fast, plus fully compatible with PULSE CMS our preferred website builder
  • 1x fast website
  • 100 GB space
  • Unlimited bandwidth*
  • 100x email accounts**
  • 10x MySQL databases (1 GB ea.)
*We don’t enforce any limit the amount of storage / bandwidth your site, so you can use the hosting as long as it complies with our Hosting Agreement. Should your website bandwidth or storage usage present a risk to the stability, performance or uptime of our servers, we will notify you via email and you may be required to upgrade, or we may restrict the resources your website is using. It’s very rare that a website violates our Hosting Agreement and is typically only seen in sites that use hosting for file sharing or storage. **Email account server storage is limited to 100x email accounts with 100 MB of total storage.
cPanel Deluxe
$10.99 / per month
cPanel for managing multiple sites.
  • Unlimited websites - Great for agencies or web designers!
  • Unlimited space - Worry free allowances at a low price!
  • Unlimited website bandwidth*
  • 500 emailbox  accounts**
  • 25 MySQL databases (1 GB each DB.) so forexample you can build 25 WP/Joomla/Drupal etc sites and infinite static sites!
*We don’t have any limititations on the quantity of storage or bandwidth of your site(s) providing you are in compliance with our Website Hosting Agreement. In the scenario that your website(s) total bandwidth or storage impinges on stability performance or our near 100% uptime of our servers, we will contact you via email and you may be asked to make an upgrade, or if this is not possible we may in rare situations have to restrict the resources that your website is using. It is an incredibly rare event that any website clashes with our our Hosting Agreement and would only likely occur if you for web file sharing or storage, this notice will therefore unlikely never apply to your own hosting. **Email account storage isrestricted to 500 email accounts with a cap of 500 MB of combined storage.
cPanel Ultimate
$16.99 / per month
cPanel Speed++ and Secure Server Included.
  • Unlimited Number Of Sites
  • Unlimited Amount Of space For Your Site(s)
  • Unlimited bandwidth* (Enjoy unrestricted page hits)
  • 1000 email box accounts**
  • Unlimited MySQL DBs (1 GB per DB)
  • Twice the standard Processing Power & Server Memory (available for Linux/cPanel only) for lightening performance.
  • Premium DNS
  • 1-year SSL Certificate when you buy our yearly Ultimate plan***
*We don't place a general  limitation on the amount of storage and bandwidth your site can use as long as it remains in compliance with our Hosting Agreement. Should your website bandwidth or storage exceed fair use and thereby present risks to our shared server stability, performance or 24-7 server uptime we will email you offering an upgrade, or we may even have to place a restriction on the resources your website is using. It’s very unusual that any website operates in violation our Hosting Agreement but can occur in rare instances for file sharing/ storage. **Email account storage is generous, having a limit of 1000 email accounts with 1 GB of  storage of all accounts in total. ***After the first free year offer, the SSL certificate will renew at the then-going price until the certificate is canceled. You have full control to, at any time, cancel your automatic renewal certificate.