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About Elementor

Elementor is a wordpress site built with Elementor Pro an affordable plugin for WordPress (the current price is $49/ or for me it was in my currency about £40 this is per year to keep getting the support and updates, but all sites you create will continue to work if you cancel your subscription), and WordPress of course is FREE, all you need is the hosting (i can do this from free – find out in my website assistance plan). This plugin contains a whole host of add-ons to complement WordPress, it also speeds up and simplifies editing of web pages by doing away with the usual labourious text editor, and adding a more flexible and powerful drag and drop one (by drag and drop i mean you can click from a wide range of widgets and pull them on to the page that your are editing.

Installing Elementor

Elementor comes with a limited plugin which you can use for free

Just download and activate it from your WP admin menu plugins->add new

The Pro version which i highly recommend has more of everything, there’s many more plugins and an indispensable theme builder aswell as a popup builder and loads of premium templates, well worth the price, infact it has so many features that means this will enable you to build advanced professional sites without further plugins (just have the elementor plugin to update instead of multiple plugins makes maintenance so much easier).

Build Fully Mobile Responsive Sites

From the editor you view what the website looks like on three of the standard screen size devices (Desktop, Tablet and Mobile Phone)

And the web content for vaious elements of a widget can be attuned for specific devices you can for example exclude a widget from appearing on a smartphone but allow it on the desktop and tablet.

I find this feature to be one of the easiest ways to create responsive sites (no setting of breakpoints as this is all worked out for you), the screen instantly shows what your website looks like as you make your changes!

Hiya Rating

elementorFind out more or buy Elementor from the good folks at Elementor

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I am both a happy user of Elementor (i’m on their multi-site plan as i am a freelancer who users their plugin to create great websites for my clients) and one of their affiliated salesman, if you click their banner advert i should (if all goes according to plan) receive a small commission to help me keep going with Hiya!

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