Add an appointments page to any website at no additional cost.

The 50 bookings per month plan is FREE!

Even A Baby Can Setup

Why Online Bookings?

Your customers/clients will be able to book your resources direct from your website, without phone calls, and you will be instantly notified by email or SMS text of new bookings.


You can even accept online payments when they book


The system ensures no double bookings, and will look great on your website no matter what web device it is viewed on.

Add Appointments To Your HIYA Website

Details of the appointment system are in the free book which is delivered o your email inbox when you order one of my websites.

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Example Embedded Booking Form

easy peasy

Adding this demo appointment form on the free plan took me a few minutes, first i went to the booking provider and set myself as a service provider for 'website design'

I left my working hours as default 9-5 Mon-Fri un-changed, altered the colour a bit to suit my site theme.

After inserting the widget code the form displays opposite, ready to take bookings!

After inserting the widget code the form displays below, ready to take bookings!

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