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About my music recording

Hiya Friends!

Here on my website you can get me to play for you on organ piano or keyboard!

2 studios in 1

If you want a concert level pianist i’m sorry you’ve come to the wrong site, but any piano pieces up to about level 5/6 ABRSM should be ok and just about any ‘contemporary’ music (big band, latin, classical, litrugical, jazz, rock pop etc).

I sometimes play pipe organ in church and started off with some organ lessons when i was about 8 years old.

Part of the fun i find of playing keyboards and organs is the arranging part, with all the high quality sampled instrument sounds and rhythms- so if you want a guitar arrangement instead of a big band of your favourite piece that is possible!

About my website design

I built this very website (Hiya.site and also Hiyahosting.com) so feel free to have a look round these sites as a demonstration of what is possible with the technology that i use.


Although hiya.site is predominantly about free music recordings i decided to add web design and hosting to for my service users to hep towards covering the substantial fees i incur in running the site/ upgrading instruments / buying sheet music etc (how much have i spent over the years? don’t ask!).



So if you want to help me a little in providing this service i offer 2 routes – you can  either ‘build a website yourself’ with my hosted website builder, or  if that seems a bit too much of a challenge at the moment, that’s OK, because i also offer a web design/site adaption service based on any of the amazing Elementor pro WordPress templates!

Cheers Tony

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