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On my website you can get me to play for you on organ piano or keyboard!
2 studios in 1

If you want a concert level pianist i’m sorry you’ve come to the wrong site, but any piano pieces up to about level 5/6 ABRSM should be ok and just about any ‘contemporary’ music (big band, latin, classical, litrugical, jazz, rock pop etc).

I sometimes play pipe organ in church and started off with some organ lessons when i was about 8 years old.

Part of the fun i find of playing keyboards and organs is the arranging part, with all the high quality sampled instrument sounds and rhythm- so if you want a guitar arrangement instead of a big band of your favourite piece that is possible!

About my websites

I built this very website (Hiya.site) you can find in my online web shop other websites which i have created in advance ready to be updated by anyone who would like one.

With each website is my pdf book explaining how to adapt the site and publish the website as your own!

The sites exclude the stock graphics instead they include a placeholder image, but the icons i created are free if you keep my credit link in the footer.


Also on limited availability in my internet store is my free website design.

Cheers Tony

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